Learn To Dance Online

Have you always wanted the confidence and grace to be able to get up and dance 'ANYWHERE'?

When you feel confident on the dance floor you will find a whole new world of social ease, confidence and the ability to have fun, while meeting new people!

“Some people seem to feel that good dancers are born. All the good dancers I’ve known have been taught or trained”

Fred Astaire

You’re about to Learn The Secrets that even most “Professional Dancers” don’t Know About Dancing!

to ‘Any Music’
with ‘Any Partner’
on ‘Any Dance Floor’

Test us out,
This FREE video will have you up and dancing!

More: We teach the skills you need to become a comfortable partner and dancer: On ANY Dance Floor, with ANY Partner, to ANY Music.

* Watch the video till the end for your Free Lesson

If you are looking for an activity that is fun, will get you active, allows you to meet and mingle, increase your poise and posture and . . . is an expression of you!

Then look no further Social DANCING is what you need!

* You Too could be Dancing to Any Music, with Any Partner, on Any Dance Floor

You Can Learn To Dance:

* in our Gold Coast QLD studio, or *
* From the comfort of your home, *
* Or even at work or out on the go *
* Via computer, phone or laptop *

Learn Ballroom and Latin dancing EASILY and QUICKLY from home!

Learn to dance for weddings, clubs, parties and all other social events in just one Lesson.

You will learn the basic steps of 3 Ballroom dances: Rumba, Waltz, and Foxtrot!

These Social dance lessons are perfect for absolute beginners with no prior dance experience. Let’s have some FUN!

If you haven’t already, scroll back up the first video and check out our sample videos of these dances and you can see how natural dancing can be without the need of learning complicated “routines” or having to count and remember.

These 3 dances Rumba, Waltz and Foxtrot will allow you to dance to almost all songs you will hear at your social functions.

You can Learn in our studio, or from the comfort of your home, or even when your at work or out on the go – at your own pace

Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Rumba, Cha Cha, Swing, Salsa, Argentine Tango, and many more

These Dances cover EVERY song played
at a Club, Wedding or Cruise

How good will it be when you can dance the night away with your partner after only ONE online lesson!

You would of seen seen in the movies; a Man asks a Lady to dance – and they do!
No: “Can you dance?”, “Do you know the Rumba?”, “Do you know this step?”

We call these the 20 questions There should only be ONE question

Would You Like to Dance?

There are lots of sites that have and sell dance videos that will show you steps, these are great if you can already dance, and you only dance with someone who know the same step – don’t forget the need to remember every part of the step

Our lessons, will make dancing easy with anyone, using any step through our lead and follow techniques


We teach you what you need to be able to dance.

This is not just the “Steps” which are great when and if you can dance but we teach you the skills and the techniques as well.

It’s the skills that make you a dancer, and we teach the steps which go hand in hand with the skills. So you will end up with both. A dancer who can dance with a great variety of steps.

Whether you want to learn in the studio or in the comfort of your own home, we have an option for you!