Dance: Meaning and why it is important

What is dance and why is it important?

What Is Dance and Why Is It Important

Defining Dance

The most basic definition of DANCE is moving to rhythm.

Dancing at 5th Avenue Dance is Easy, is Fun, and you will progress.
Our focus is getting you to be able to dance with anyone, to any music, on any dance floor.
Because of the method of teaching we use, what you learn you will have a lifetime.
It is never too late to learn.

The Importance of Dance

Dance has so many benefits, some of which, are listed below:

  • Gain Strength & Endurance
  • Aerobic exercise – the best, because it does not feel like work or exercise
  • Muscles also, become stretched, conditioned and toned
  • Increased heart rate
  • Getting out of the house
  • Mental stimulation
  • Meeting and interacting with other like-minded people
  • Making new friends
  • Challenge
  • Self Confidence / Self esteem
  • Creative outlet
  • Sense of achievement
  • Fun & Excitement
  • Freedom from cares
  • Overcome tension

Why learn with 5th Avenue Dance

We know all these things, and work towards your goals and needs.

We tailor make your dancing to suit not only what dances you like and the level you wish to obtain, also we take into account why you are learning and if fitness, Sense of Achievement and Fun are the important aspects for you, then this is what we focus on, enabling you achieve not only your “dancing” goals, but, also to achieve those things that prompted you to learn dancing.

Where is 5th Avenue Dance Located?

We are centrally located at Suite 7 115 Currumburra Road in Ashmore

How to Start

To get you started we do offer a Free Private Lesson, so you can, come in meet with a teacher let them know what you are interested in, and what you have done before – if anything, and where you might be utilising your dancing. Your teacher will give you more information about the studio and answer any questions you might have.

You will then have a lesson, going over 2 or 3 of the most popular ballroom dances. This gives you a chance to try out and see how we teach.

Your teacher at the end of the lesson will know the best way for you to start and go over the cost, schedule and times, if you are interested in doing more.