Salsa Latin Dance Lessons Gold Coast

Are you wanting to learn to dance Salsa but confused of which style to choose as there appears to be so many choices?

Salsa Latin Dance Lessons Gold Coast

But did you know, that if you learn the foundations of Salsa dancing, you will be able to get up and dance to any of the Latin dance styles. Not only that, but you will be able to dance salsa with any partner on any dance floor.

At 5th Avenue Dance, we often hear people wanting to learn “Salsa” or “Argentine Tango” or other FAD dances, as they come and go.

With more than 50 years combined teaching experience, when we hear this request for FAD dances, mostly people are really asking to learn to dance! – We want to be able to dance! – We want to join in and have FUN!

When I was a new teacher in 1989, Lambada had just hit the airways on radio and television, we were inundated with new students wanting to learn this new fun / sexy dance – Lambada. 

We taught well and succeeded in this goal. Sometimes, sadly, this was the only dance these students learnt. Today – 2019 if Lambada was the only dance you knew – you would be sitting a long time waiting for a Lambada to play.

We recommend of course learning dances you want, at the same time spend time on dances that will cover any music, so if you find yourself; at a wedding, on a cruise, at a restaurant. Whatever music is playing you can get up and dance, have fun, socialise and be at ease – DANCE!

So if you want to learn to “Dance” take advantage of our Free Private Dance Lesson and come and visit the Salsa Kings on the Gold Coast – 5th Avenue Dance!

Where is 5th Avenue Dance Located?

We are centrally located on the Gold Coast, Suite 7 115 Currumburra Road in Ashmore, where we teach all our lessons: Private, Group and Social Nights.