Learn to dance for Seniors

Looking for a studio who teaches Seniors to learn to dance

Learn To Dance For Senios

Looking for fun, fitness, and a social activity – regardless of age?

We have you covered at 5th Avenue Dance

Is dancing Fun?

We understand, that hard work and serious are not the motivating factors for anyone learning to dance.

We therefore keep it ease and Fun.

Lots of small groups at your level (no pressure here) and Social Nights not open to the public; these days and nights are only for our students and teachers. Again, a chance to have fun and practice using your dancing in a safe, closed environment.

Where the average age is into 50’s with some into their 80’s.

Does dancing help with your Fitness?

Dancing is fitness – moving all the time, sometimes with lots of energy for blocks of 45-minute lessons

Our lessons are specifically designed for all ages, especially Seniors

Our first 10 minutes of the lesson is to: warm up speed music

We then move into some higher energy dances with a little break with some Waltz

Finishing with a cool down dance.

Is Dancing a Social Activity?

Social – you bet,

Private Lessons are with you own teacher, there will also be others having Private lessons at the same time – We go out of our way to make sure you know who is learning on the floor with you

Group lessons where you will meet and dance with 6 to 10 other people all at you level/standard
These groups cater for all age groups – because they are standard driven. Seniors are at the exact level of every one else in the group. Having fun and practicing

Socials – parties in the early evening and parties during the Day held in the studio where you will make lots of new friends.

We also organize, outside events with dinner dances and Showcase Balls

The average age of our students at 5th Avenue Dance people into their 50’s with lots over this average

Why learn to dance with 5th Avenue Dance

We carter to seniors, with our curriculum how we teach and what we teach.

We want you to dance not only on any floor. Also to any music with any partner.

We tailor make your dancing to suit not only what dances you like and the level you wish to obtain, also we take into account why you are learning and if fitness, Sense of Achievement and Fun are the important aspects for you, then this is what we focus on, enabling you achieve not only your “dancing” goals, but, also to achieve those things that prompted you to learn dancing .

Where is 5th Avenue Dance Studio Located?

We are centrally located at Suite 7 115 Currumburra Road in Ashmore.

How to Start

To get you started we do offer a Free Private Lesson, so you can, come in meet with a teacher let them know what you are interested in, and what you have done before – if anything, and where you might be utilising your dancing. Your teacher will give you more information about the studio and answer any questions you might have.

You will then have a lesson, going over 2 or 3 of the most popular ballroom dances. This gives you a chance to try out and see how we teach.

Your teacher at the end of the lesson will know the best way for you to start and go over the cost, schedule and times, if you are interested in doing more.

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