What Are Group Dance Lessons

Group Dance Lessons are a great way to practice and get comfortable with what you have learnt

If you use Group dance lessons in conjunction with Private Dance Lessons, there is nothing better, and here’s why

You need to practice and make comfortable any and all new material you learn and be able to use with others, not just your teacher.

While this can be accomplished within your Private Lesson time. Time spent practicing and gaining confidence & comfort, is time not spent learning new material. Which in turn can lead to more Private Lessons needed to achieve the same dancing goal.

Good Group Dance Lessons include:

What Are Group Dance Lessons 2
  • Everyone in the group being of the same level of accomplishment
  • No more than 20 students in each Group Dance Lesson
  • Teaching only ONE or TWO things relevant to the standard of the Group Dance Lesson

    This can be:
       A Step
       A Style Point
       A Technique Point
       or simply continuity – using all the steps you know to           music

  • Being “stand alone”. Meaning if you miss a number of Group Lessons of your standard, the very next group is still 100% what you need to practice and make comfortable
  • Encouragement to swap partners so you can try out your new skills with multiple partners

Avoid these Group Dance Lessons

What Are Group Dance Lessons 1
  • Group Lessons without associated Private Lessons
    You will be learning at the rate of the group. Sometimes boring and too slow, or worse moving too quickly to understand and be able to learn
  • Term or blocks of Group Lessons
    These Group Dance Lessons will start easy and on each group lesson progressively teach you more and more. Trouble is if you miss one or two of these group lessons, you cannot catch up and have lost the whole term or block of lessons
  • For your sake (please) avoid group lessons that teach you a “routine” or set combination.
    This feels great at the time and you can use, with others within the Group. However the first time you try to use your “routine” at: a wedding, a cruise, a restaurant, a party – any occasion. You quickly realise that no one else knows your routine and therefore you cannot dance.

5th Avenue Dance Studio on the Gold Coast offers a Complimentary Private Dance Lesson so that you can try out and see how easy and fun dancing can be

Don’t put it off, days turn into weeks that turn into months and years. You could be dancing today – give us a call on 07 5527 8018 or contact us via our Contact Us Page with any questions you may have.

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