Dance Classes Gold Coast

Find out more about our Social Dance Classes on the Gold Coast.

Below you’ll find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, which are:

What Dances do you teach?
What type of dance Classes are available?
Where on the Gold Coast are you?

Dance Classes Gold Coast

At 5th Avenue Dance, we teach all Dances you can do with a partner.

We recommend starting with the Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Rumba, Cha Cha, and Swing. These dances will allow you to dance to any music without ever having to sit down and wait for the “right” music.

What type of classes?

At 5th Avenue Dance we have three types of lessons:

Private Dance Lessons, these are one on one with your own teacher, this is where you learn the most and really once you know what dances fit to what music these Private lessons and be tailored to you wishes, both in what dances you learn and to what standard. These lessons go for 45 minutes.

The benefits of our group lessons are amazing; less time on your next Private lesson reviewing and making comfortable things learnt on the last Private lesson, because you have done the reviewing and practice in the Group lesson, meaning your teacher can spend more time teaching you new elements.

The other main benefit is that the groups are stand alone, so if you do miss one or two group lesson in a row, the very next group is still at your standard and you are reviewing and practicing things you need to review and practice. Our Group lesson also go for 45 minutes, and on average have an equal number of Ladies to Gentleman.

Group Dance Lessons, our Group lessons at 5th Avenue Dance are small, we only have 6 to 10 people (on average) in our groups, and the groups we recommend for you would be reviewing, practicing and trying out with others at your standard the material and dances you are leaning on your Private Lessons.

Social Dance Nights, we hold Social Nights in the studio. These Party nights are for our students their guests and teachers, so it is a safe place to practice using your dancing socially, in a safe controlled environment.

The Social night kicks of with a group lesson, where we teach something new to everyone or easy to pick up, we make this dance progressive, so you can dance with and introduce yourself to everyone, so when the party starts you have already dance and met all your potential partners making the Party a fun experience.

During the party we do lower the lights and put the music on random, with no one telling you what to do. We are trying to get you ready for a cruise, a wedding, a restaurant or club.

Where is 5th Avenue Dance located?

We are centrally located on the Gold Coast at Suite 7 115 Currumburra Road in Ashmore

To get you started we do offer a Free Private Dance Lesson, so you can come in, meet with a teacher, let them know what you are interested in, and what you have done before – if anything and where you might be utilising your dancing.

Your teacher will give you more information about the studio and answer any questions you might have.

You will then have a lesson, going over 2 or 3 of the most popular dances. This gives you a chance to see and try out dancing, and how we teach, your teacher at the end of the lesson will know the best way for you to start and go over the cost schedule and times, if you are interested in doing more.

Don’t put it off, days turn into weeks that turn into months and years. You could be dancing today – give us a call on 07 5527 8018 or contact us via our Contact Us Page and drop us your details.