What Does Dancing Do To Your Body?

Whether you are looking to dance for fun or fitness, dancing can improve your body, mind and sense of well-being

Dancing can give your body well toned legs, good posture and this is just the start. Even your brain gets a workout when you are learning to dance.

What Does Dancing Do To Your Body? 1

Dancing is the perfect body improving exercise and here’s why…..

Dancing is the right workout for Toning & Posture.

Great Posture in dancing is achieved through standing tall, not slouching.

At 5th Avenue Dance, learning good posture goes hand in hand with learning to dance and your posture becomes something that you do without conscience thought.

Good toning is achieved through working the legs with a constant pushing down of the heels, which leads to elongating all the leg muscles, especially the calf muscle, giving you those desirable ‘dancing’ legs.

The best part, you will keep this exercise going because it is Fun / Social and you are learning a Skill that you can use at Restaurants, parties, Clubs, Weddings, Cruises…. anywhere really plus you’ll meet a lot of new friends.

So how does your brain get a workout when your dancing?

What Does Dancing Do To Your Body? 2

The act of learning (or trying to learn) anything new is important and keeps your brain active and open to learning everything.

The term “use it or lose it” is normally associated with physical fitness, where not exercising will lead to loss of strength, stamina and endurance.

This same term can be applied to your brain and the ability to learn, as soon as it gets too hard to learn or remember you “give up” and it will not take long before the ability to learn will be gone forever.

Social Ballroom and Latin dancing also has a unique benefit , shown in an ongoing study of more than 30 years in length, please see http://socialdance.stanford.edu/syllabi/smarter.htm which shows “that almost none of the physical activities (tested) appeared to offer any protection against dementia. There can be cardiovascular benefits of course, but the focus of this study was the mind. There was one important exception: the only physical activity to offer protection against dementia was frequent dancing. “

Don’t put it off, days turn into weeks that turn into months and years. You could be dancing today – give us a call on 07 5527 8018 or contact us via our Contact Us Page with any questions you may have.

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