How Does Dancing Relieve Stress?

Looking for a way to “chill out” and have some “me” time - learning to dance can help you to relieve stress.

How Does Dancing Relieve Stress 1

Dancing gives you an outlet to express your different emotions in an acceptable way. Jumping for joy is acceptable under certain occasions like winning the lottery…..

At dance studios this expressing your emotions is always acceptable, even encouraged.

To move, to laugh, to learn a skill, to socialise, make new friends. These things will give you a break, relieve stress and give you the “me” time you are looking for in your life.

So, if you have too much on your plate, feeling overwhelmed and like you are getting nothing done – take on dancing.

Just one or two hours a week, gets you up and moving. Doing something for yourself and feeling good can provide motivation which carries over to your day to day life and can relieve your stress.

How Does Dancing Relieve Stress 2

In fact: each dance tends to bring out different emotions

Rumba – sensual
Salsa, Lambada, Bachata – sexuality
Cha Cha – cheeky and fun
Swing – cool, calm and casual with animation
Waltz – regal
Tango – all of the above plus serious and sharp

Try at work being all these things within a 45 minute period and men with white coats will be coming to collect you.

All these things help relieve stress and therefore allows you to be more effective at home and work.

Don’t put it off, days turn into weeks that turn into months and years. You could be dancing today – give us a call on 07 5527 8018 or contact us via our Contact Us Page with any questions you may have.

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