How Can I Be A Better Social Dancer?

Becoming a Great Social Dancer - takes time… here are the shortcuts!

How Can I Be A Better Social Dancer? 1

Let me start with a quote from Fred Astaire:

“Some people seem to feel that good dancers are born. All the good dancers I’ve known have been taught or trained.”

I use a term called “learning by osmosis”. What this means is you do anything long enough, you will become better. Some teachers (and studios) know this and simply look after you, make sure you have fun, and know that over (a long) time. Dancing and comfort will be obtained.

The trouble with “osmosis learning” is the time it takes, plus you are building in bad habits, in technique, style and timing.

The Right way to becoming a better Social Dancer

How Can I Be A Better Social Dancer? 2

Start with a good studio with good teachers.

Good Studios

  • Have a system of learning and progressing
  • They want to know what dances you like and what standard you wish to obtain
  • They will record your progress and have regular checks to make sure you are on track

Good Teachers

  • Use the system in place
  • Will record each and every lesson
  • Will mark off your progress
  • Teach you the things that will make you a great Social Dancer

Learning properly will give focus initially on easy step elements and teach the essential foundation techniques and styles laying down early good habits – that all good dancers have.

If these Private lessons are then augmented with small groups sessions which, under supervision practice the step elements, style and techniques. With other students at your level. This means less revision on your Private Lessons and more time spent and creating and achieving brilliance as a Social Dancer.

Don’t put it off, days turn into weeks that turn into months and years. You could be dancing today – give us a call on 07 5527 8018 or contact us via our Contact Us Page with any questions you may have.

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