Does Dancing Build Self Confidence?

Dancing can increase your self confidence and your self esteem in a number of ways…

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Growing your self confidence with dancing can take a bit of time but not as much as you might expect.

  1. Make sure you pick a good studio with good teachers

Find a good studio and great dance teachers that work with you on your style and expression rather than in set routines and rigid combinations

If you are low in confidence, set routines or combinations are almost a recipe to the opposite of self-confidence. If your partner has learnt the same “routine” faster or better than you, they will be on your case about what you “need” to do and what you have done wrong – leading to a loss of confidence in dancing which carries over to your personality in general.

Does Dancing Build Self Confidence 2

      2. Find a studio that focuses on Leading and Following

Studios that focus on Lead and Follow still teach the same steps, dances, techniques and style as other studios however with the focus on Lead and Follow there are no wrong dance moves so therefore you can’t do it wrong, for example:

The Leader decides. There is no wrong to that decision, while the Follower needs to wait and see what step is next.

Very much like driving a car – If you were going to the local Shopping Centre. If coming out of your driveway you could turn left or right and get to the same Shopping Centre simply using a different route – Left or Right neither is wrong, as long as you get to the Shopping Centre. So, the Leader decides and the Follower is the passenger

Leaders (normally the Man) will be able to ask anyone to be your “passenger” and dance with confidence and comfort.

Followers (normally the Lady) jumping into a car, be driven anywhere – you can relax and gain self confidence and comfort in your dancing, knowing you do not have to keep track or correct – just Dance!

Knowing that anything is right allows you to gain self confidence and comfort on the dance floor and in your life in general.

      3. Find a studio that combines both Private Lessons, Group Lessons and Social Nights

Private lessons are great while you are learning the initial dance moves and to gradually build your confidence but also dancing in groups in a safe environment where everybody is learning at the same level and to the same values, there is no judgements.

Once you are comfortable dancing with different partners, you will find your confidence grow and you will have the confidence to ask or accept a request to dance no matter the partner, venue or the music that is playing.

Don’t put it off, days turn into weeks that turn into months and years. You could be dancing today – give us a call on 07 5527 8018 or contact us via our Contact Us Page with any questions you may have.

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