Learn To Dance West Coast Swing

The Western Swing or West Coast Swing incorporates many forms of Swing including, Lindy, Shag, Whip and Push.

Versatile dancers, eager to display their talents, are ever creating new and interesting movements in the Swing.

These dances evolve with the music of the era.

The Western Swing has quickly gained popularity around the world because of its more sophisticated style and easy adaptation to today’s modern Rock music.

Originally a regional style popular in the West and Southwest of the USA, the Western Swing made its bid as a nationally accepted style of Swing in the late 50’s and has been gaining strength ever since.

The dance is here to stay – for all dances, in order to survive, must be built up from a firm basic movement so that ad-libbing and complete freedom of expression can be interpreted into, all new music from any era.

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