Learn To Dance Mamba And Salsa

Today, in the dance world, one thing is certain… there is no escaping the fast Latin dances of the Salsa and Mambo.

The extent of these dances all-conquering invasion may be appreciated in the fact that its rhythm, not content in being restricted to Latin melodies, have invaded the popular music market where they have attached themselves to all kinds of materials, much of which would be completely lost without its distinctive flavour.

Across the length and breadth of the nation, dancers who never progressed beyond Waltz and Foxtrot are clamouring wildly for Salsa and Mambo instruction.

More and more, dancers are coming to the realization that here is one of the most abandoned, fun-filled crazes of any era.

They are having a great time, but they would undoubtedly be surprised to learn that the enjoyment they have so obviously found is said to be almost completely the work of one man – – Perez Prado.

During the early 30’s, Latin dance bands came increasingly before North American audiences. Noro Morales and Xavier Cugat were among them, bringing a welter of Rumbas, Sambas, and Tangos to a delighted public. Then Mr. Prado recorded an opus entitled “Mambo Jambo” and the fun was on. Appearing first in Mexico City, he created more excitement, and perhaps more revolution, than Pancho Villa. The ensuing conflagration spread rapidly throughout the rest of those countries below the Rio Grande, and now is consuming just about everything above.

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