Dance Styles

Dance Styles - What we teach!

At 5th Avenue Dance Studio Gold Coast, we teach you how to dance to any music, with any partner, on any size dance floor.

We cover all the Ballroom and Latin dances, from the elegance of Waltz, through the romance of Rumba, to the cheeky and high energy Salsa and Cha Cha.

We do work on a program basis, which simply means if there are dances you don’t like, don’t do them, and if there are any dances you love and want to focus on and become the “best” on the floor with, that is exactly what we will help you achieve.

Within our dance programs we have:

  • Private Lessons: One on one with your own teacher, the opportunity to learn the most
  • Group Classes: Different to most, we only have 6 to 15 students in our group lessons and everyone is at the same standard in your group
  • Social Nights: We have social nights held at our Gold Coast studio. A safe place to start using your dancing, meet other dancers and have a great time.
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