About 5th Avenue Dance Studio Gold Coast

Who are 5th Avenue Dance

We are a Social Dance Studio, unique to the Gold Coast Region.

Our focus is on teaching students to be able to dance to any music, with any partner, on any size dance floor, with the main objective – to have fun!

Why choose 5th Avenue Dance

We teach Leading and Following.

MEN we will teach you to dance with any Lady – regardless of her ability or previous knowledge.

LADIES we will teach you to actively follow so you can dance with any Man regardless of his standard and independent of his ability to lead.

We do not teach “routines” or “combinations” so there is no need to count, think or remember the “correct” order, which is why any partner can be – your partner.

Social Dancing

Learning “routines” and “combinations” are like learning words or phrases in a foreign language; it is good, and it will get you by with great concentration and memory recall. However, 6 months after the last time your used the words and phrases, you will need to start all over again.

We teach the “language” of dance. We do teach “steps” but not in any particular order, they are simply your vocabulary. We have students who, after 20 years of no lessons can still dance. They may have forgotten some of the “words” (steps) but still, to this day, they know the language (of dance) and still dance, without thinking and remembering with partners who sometimes have never had a lesson in their lives.