Learn To Dance Gold Coast or Online

How would you like to be able to dance….

To Any Music …., With Any Partner …., On Any Size Dance Floor? 

Then you are in the right place 🙂

5th Avenue Dance Studio on the Gold Coast is the only dance studio who can can help. Call us 07 5527 8018

5th Avenue Dance Studio Gold Coast

At our 5th Avenue Dance Classes on the Gold Coast, we believe that everyone has the natural ability to dance, you just need the right instruction.

We don’t teach timed choreography, routines or combinations, so you can take your dance moves anywhere.

At 5th Avenue Dance Studio, Gold Coast, we teach traditional, modern and contemporary Ballroom and Latin dances, from the elegance of Waltz, through to the Romance of Rumba, to the cheeky and high energy Salsa and Cha Cha.

We are a Social Studio, so it is all about having fun! Find out more, and try us out, with a Free Private Lesson that can be taken any time Tuesday to Saturday – 9.30am to 7.30pm.

So what do Tennis Coaches and Dancing Coaches have in common?

People take up tennis for 3 main reasons (as adults)

1. Fitness
2. Fun
3. Meet people

Without lessons, you cannot serve or return a serve. Meaning, you will not get fit, it will not be fun, and people will not want to play with you.

So . . . you have lessons

If your tennis coach was a “Wimbledon” level coach, and they succeeded, then, every serve would be an ace, every return of serve would be a winner. Which means every rally has one hit, so no fitness, it is serious so therefore not fun and no one will want to play with you.

Most dance studios in Australia are competition based and have “Wimbledon” level coaches.

At 5th Avenue Dance, we are like the tennis coaches who teach you to serve and return a serve and teach you enough to stay in the game, so you can get fit with longer rallies, have fun and meet lots of people.

At 5th Avenue Dance, our focus is your focus, and if that is; Fitness, Fun and meeting people then our goal for you is to get you onto the floor so you can dance to any music, with any partner, on any size dance floor and have FUN.

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